IPR Awareness Campaign for Schools

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Awareness is critical to shaping an environment that is conducive to fostering creativity & innovation in the country. One of the key focus areas is children in schools, as it is essential to nurture creativity and the ability to innovate from a young age.

Intellectual Property is the product of a person’s intelligence, creativity, hard work, and skill. It results froman idea that comes to one’s mind and is given creative expression.

There is no age to create your own Intellectual Property. In fact, every time you compose a poem, write anassignment, make a painting or sketch that is original, you are creating your own Intellectual Property!

Intellectual Property

Our Class Features

How is it done?

An hour long interactive session with a presentation delivered by experts which includes various games and activities to keep the students engaged and educate them about IPRs in a fun way. Along with the presentation, vibrant posters on different IPs are put up and a colorful brochure on IP designed for kids is given to all students. Not only all this but also a surprise memento to each student!

What’s been done?

We kicked off the one of a kind IPR Awareness campaign for schools in New Delhi on 25th April 2017 in collaboration with the International Trademark Association (INTA). We have already directly taught over 1000 kids about IPRs with this number only going to go further up. It’s time to THINK, CREATE and INSPIRE!

Want to learn?

You can view/download our fun and colorful presentation, posters and brochure to learn or teach students about IP available in multiple languages. Embark with us on this beautiful journey to breed the next generation of creators and innovators.

Interested in having an IPR session in your school?

Are you a teacher or part of the faculty in an educational institute? Want to  educate your students about IPRs? You can get in touch with us here or email us at cipam-dipp[at]gov[dot]in. We will do our best to have a session in your school very soon! You can also see a full list of upcoming IPR sessions taking place across the country.

Resource Material


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Resource Material

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