Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights


One of the main objectives of the National IPR Policy is “Enforcement and Adjudication of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)”.

Policy emphasizes on the need of capacity building of the enforcement agencies at various levels, including the strengthening of IPR cells in State police forces.

Policy, while advocating adjudication of IP disputes through specialized commercial courts, purposes to promote Alternat Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) of IP cases by strengthening mediation and conciliation centres.

What We Do

In order to strengthen the enforcement mechanism in the country CIPAM endeavours to work on the following activities:

  • hand icon Capacity Building of various Enforcement Agencies i.e. Police, Judiciary and Customs
  • hand icon Identify and undertake measures to check counterfeiting and piracy;
  • hand icon Hold regular IP colloquia for judges to facilitate effective adjudication of IP disputes;
  • hand icon Adjudication of IP matters through specialized commercial courts;
  • hand icon Explore (ADR) mechanisms to settle an IP dispute;
  • hand icon Fact-finding to assess the extent of counterfeiting and piracy;
  • hand icon Encouraging the application of technology-based solutions in the enforcement of IPRs; and
  • hand icon Enhance the coordination between various agencies and provide direction and guidance on strengthening enforcement measures
CIPAM’s IPR Enforcement Toolkit image

CIPAM’s IPR Enforcement Toolkit for Police

  • hand icon  CIPAM in collaboration with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has prepared an IPR Enforcement Toolkit for Police.
  • hand icon  This toolkit will be a ready reckoner for Police officials across the country and will be an effective tool in dealing with Intellectual Property (IP) crimes, specifically Trade Marks counterfeiting and Copyrights piracy which is a huge menace to the IP owners not only in India but globally.
  • hand icon  The toolkit comprises of the following:
    • Information of legal provisions relevant to IPR crime
    • Checklist for registering a complaint
    • Checklist for search and seizure; and,
    • Suggestive guidelines for search and seizure in case of IP crimes
  • hand icon  Toolkit has been disseminated to all State Police Departments and major industry associations across the nation.

Capacity Building Campaign

Enforcement agencies, especially judiciary, police and customs have a major role in effective enforcement of IPRs. Creating awareness about IPRs amongst these enforcement agencies through regular trainings while strengthening the enforcement regime, will also assist them in handling cases relating to IPRs in their day to day activities. Thus, in order to strengthen the enforcement mechanism, CIPAM has started capacity building campaign of enforcement agencies by way of organising training programs.


  • hand icon  The training programmes for Police Officials are aimed at sensitizing the Police about their role, powers and duties in effective Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. CIPAM has written to all State Police departments seeking their coordination in organising these training programs
  • hand icon  Training Programs for Police Officials will be organised Pan- India. Few training programs have been already being conducted in the following states:

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Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Police Training Academy
14th-16th December 2017

Kolkata Police Training School
11th-13th April 2017

Madhya Pradesh Police Headquarters
8th-9th May 2017

Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Telangana Police State Academy, 13th-14th July 2017.

  • hand icon  Training programs have also been conducted in the following National Academies;
  • hand icon  North Eastern Police Academy, Meghalaya: 29th-30th May 2017
  • hand icon  The participants are usually in-service and probation police officers. More than 500 police officers and prosecuting officers have already been trained on Enforcement of IPRs during the training programmes conducted so far.
  • hand icon  Training programmes are designed:
    • To give an overview and introduce IPRs
    • To ensure that the police officials get a diversified insight on topics related to IPR
    • To incorporate wide range of topics.
    • Expert Speakers from concerned industries, law firms and academia are invited to make presentations on the topics included in the training program. These experts are well versed with IPRs and its issues.
  • hand icon  To ensure complete participation of police officials various interactive activities like quizzes, skit, IP videos, etc. are also made part of the training programme besides the regular lecture sessions.
  • hand icon  CIPAM has also written to all states requesting them to direct the state police training academies to include IPR as a course in their trainings. SUCCESS STORIES
  • hand icon  During one of the training programs, trainees were asked to perform a skit demonstrating the “Role of Police in Effective Enforcement of IPRs”. The skit showcased the police conducting a successful search and seizure of fake shoes of a famous brand which were being sold by a local merchant. One of the trainees, had the opportunity to replicate the skit in reality during the course of his duty. He actually conducted a raid on shops selling fake shoes and successfully seized fake shoes worth INR 3 million and arrested 3 persons. The raid conducted by this trainee was a real-life replication of the skit enacted by the trainees during training.
  • hand icon  National workshop on enforcement of iprs.
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