IPR Awareness – Overview


In order to take forward the National IPR Policy and to enhance creativity, innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in India, it is imperative to harness IP. With phenomenal growth of the Indian Economy it is vital that IPRs are generated in India and then legally protected and exploited. Inadequate knowledge about the rights of individuals to protect their ideas and innovations and low awareness about the procedures involved in obtaining an IPR has hindered India’s growth in Intellectual Property. With India’s potential and its importance in the global arena, it’s time we rise and become a leader in innovation and Intellectual Property!

IPR Awareness

Intellectual Property Rights awareness is vital to Generation of IPRs and then Commercialization of IPRs which is why IPR Awareness: Outreach and Promotion is the first and foremost objective of the National IPR Policy. There is a need to create IP awareness amongst all sections of societies as IP is creations of the mind. The Policy envisions a India where students in schools and colleges and universities, industry clusters and citizens across India in Tier 1, Tier 2 Tier 3 cities as well as rural areas are educated and made aware about their Intellectual Property Rights. In order to enforcement of IP rights of individuals/companies, it is important the countries enforcement agencies and Judiciary are sensitized and up to date with the latest IP laws.

These are the following categories IPR Awareness Campaign will focus on:

Outcome of the Awareness Campaign

The IPR Awareness campaign will help in realizing the goals of the National IPR Policy. Enhanced IPR awareness amongst the citizens of the country would result in an increased IP portfolio of the country – this would mean an increase in the IP’s generated domestically, increased competiveness of the Indian industry both domestically and globally as well as economic growth.

A concerted effort would stimulate a dynamic, vibrant and well balanced IPR system in India to:

  • Foster creativity and innovation and thereby, promote entrepreneurship and enhance socio-economic and cultural development
  • Focus on enhancing access to healthcare, food security and environmental protection, among other

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