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About Bettina Cherian

Bettina is a legal professional with a specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights. She has varied experience acrosssubject matters and geographies. Having worked across Company law, Family law and Intellectual Property Rights matters in various projects across the last 5 years.
Under CIPAM, Bettina’s responsibilities primarily include working on the Commercialisation aspect of IPR.
Bettina completed her graduation in law from the prestigious India Law Society in Pune, and later on, went on to do her Masters specialising in Intellectual Property Rights. Bettina has also several diplomas in Cyber Law, Human Rights and Business Law.

Bettina has a passion for teaching and training, and in her free time, supports students looking to enter into law colleges. She is also an avid movie buff, and relaxes by spending time with her family and friends.

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